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TASK Louisville: Find them, Try them and Share them…

Before getting into another city, I’ll try to read about it in Wikipedia, find out where the grocery stores, salsa clubs and any interesting sights are, relative to the location of our hotel.  From Wikipedia, I found a list of dishes that are unique to Louisville and I did managed to try 2 out of 17…

HOT BROWN – A layered dish of bread, bacon, and turkey, topped  with a Mornay sauce.

 “I ate this in Bluegrass Brewing Company place and actually felt really sinful eating it.  There was a lot of melted cheese… enough to make a cup of soup.”

DERBY PIE – Chocolate and pecan pie named for the Kentucky Derby.

“This sounds and looks really yummy in the pictures during my research.  I managed to have one in The Old Spaghetti Factory which I don’t think is authentic enough but it will do for now.” 

These are the rest on the list in Wikipedia… I’ll definitely keep a lookout for them in other cities.

ALE-8-ONE – A ginger-flavored soft drink bottled in Winchester.

BURGOO – A thick stew made from vegetables and mutton, or lamb, or other game meats.

MINT JULEP – Potable that is made with bourbon and crushed mint and is the ‘official’ drink of the Kentucky Derby

GOETTA – A Northern Kentucky delicacy composed primarily of ground meat, steel-cut oats and seasoned with bay leaves, rosemary, salt, pepper and thyme.

HENRY BAIN SAUCE – A potent sauce for serving with game.

BRAINS & EGGS – Known mostly as an English dish; this was served in Frankfort restaurants until BSE scares.

MOCK TURTLE SOUP – Welsh and English settlers brought this recipe with them when they settled in Clay County.  “Chinese and Asians has mock food too but usually a turtle soup is cooked with a real little turtle!” 

FROG LEGS – Often breaded and deep-fried.  “I thought that frog legs is an Asian thing!”

BENEDICTINE – A greenish cucumber and cream cheese spread made popular by Louisville’s Benedict’s restaurant.

STACK CAKE – An Appalachian layered cake with apple preserves spread between each layer.

JOHNNY CAKE – A corruption of “Shawnee” cake this is a flat corn bread cooked by direct heat.

BOURBON BALLS – Crushed cookies mixed with chocolate and bourbon, then coated in powdered sugar, first produced in Frankfort during Prohibition.

BEER CHEESE – Cheese dip made with beer, Cheddar cheese, and spices.

MODJESKAS – Gooey caramel candy with a marshmallow center. Named for a 19th century Polish actress that once visited Louisville.

SPOONBREAD – A sweet, moist cornmeal-based dish.

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What we need in the Salsa World


I plan to go salsa dancing at least once in each of the city we visit.  Salsa dancing has just sprouted in many Asian countries over the last 5 years and with USA’s close proximity to the Latin/Spanish community, I wonder how much of it has infiltrated the country.  I do not expect to find a club full of good salsa dancers in every city.  I just want to go have a good time dancing with the locals and perhaps make a friend or two!

I rely on the internet to find out if there’s any salsa groups, socials or clubs in each city.  It is a challenge because a lot of time is wasted having to toggle back and forth from map to websites, to find out how far it is from where I am and to verify if the information is current and accurate by comparing with other websites like urbanspoon and yelp, etc. and eventually calling the club direct.  Often I find most of the websites not very user friendly and too cluttered with lengthy descriptions and loads of poorly taken pictures which makes the whole research process a little confusing after a while. 

One website often pops up and it seems to have a pretty good coverage on a lot of cities but of course, we always need to find out if the club is still in business or that they’ve not changed the schedule.

I’ve formulated a Salsa wish list for the world and hope that there’ll be improvements in time to come. 

  1. Websites to be clear and organized, clutter-free with a handful of good pictures.
  2. Regularly updated information on salsa nights and venues so that travelers like us will not travel a good 20mins to find the place not in operation. 
  3. Start a WORLDWIDE SALSA LOCATOR WEBSITE !  It will bring all salsa dancers in the world together! 
  4. An APP for current salsa club search anywhere in the world. It needs to be constantly updated hence probably require participation from salsa pioneers in each city to update regularly and objectively. Includes maps, addresses and contacts, how to go, mode of transport, etc.

Ok now, the word is out… there’s a need for more sophisticatication in the Salsa World!  

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