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Dance is a form of communication and self expression; Salsa is the language

I started salsa dancing years ago in Singapore.  It was quite a new thing then and to date, the salsa scene in Singapore has grown.  I see new faces whenever I return for a dance in Union Square  in Singapore after my travels.  Yes that’s the place to go and its the longest standing salsa club in Singapore!  (

Salsa is a great social activity because you’ll get to meet people in different fields; from lawyers, doctors and accountants to housewives to singers, dancers and actors.  Another good thing about it is, you don’t need to go with a bunch of people as like going to a dance club.  It’s usually safe and quite common for girls to go to a salsa club alone and not be bothered by unwanted attention.  Well I’m speaking from experience as I do that all the time.  So far, I’ve danced in London, Barcelona, Shanghai, Beijing, Sydney, Malaysia, etc. and many cities in the US like Portland OR, San Diego CA, Pittsburgh PA, Louisville KY, Raleigh NC and many more… Yes I go to the clubs on my own. 

Salsa is a fantastic form of exercise for all ages.  It’s a total cardio workout with loads of fun!  It also helps to develop your coordination and rhythm, increase your self-esteem and confidence as well as work on your posture grace and flow.  For those who likes to perform for others but don’t have the chance to do it on stage or has stage fright, the salsa dance floor is a great place to show off your moves!

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