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Daily / Weekly Blog 2011

I started this blog with hope to write everyday or at least once a week; to record my experiences and to share them with my family, friends and everyone out there!  I am definitely inspired by my partner who participated in project 365 – A photo a day, and a poem a week, for 2010. It takes a lot of perseverance and determination to follow that through. A round of applause for him!

For 2011, WordPress threw out a challenge – To encourage everyone to blog everyday or at least once a week. Since it’s in line with what I have in mind, I’m taking up the challenge…

(I can feel my knees shaking and sweat breaking… yes I’m scared… Fingers crossed!)

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The American Tour

I’m currently in the middle of a 9 months working contract in the US that requires a lot of travelling.  I’ve been checking in and out of hotels in a different city each week since 5 Sept 2010.  This will come up to 32 cities and hotels excluding the ones I visited during our week off from work.  This is my first  time  travelling in the USA and I’m really fortunate to be visiting so many cities at one go!  Below is the map indicating the states that I would have visited by the end of the tour.

The hotels booked by the company are usually situated in downtown near to the work place.  Some downtowns are great with loads of food selection at different times of the day but some are as quiet as a park at night.  Hence, finding restaurants and eateries with good affordable food and variety (other than the hotel) and places for me to go salsa in those cities can be a challenge. 

My plan for this tour other than to do well at work (of course!  that’s important! 🙂 ! ) is:

  1. See at least 1 interesting spot or attraction in each city.
  2. Try out the local dishes that are unique to each place or state.
  3. Go salsa dancing at least once in each city.

Since I’ve started this tour 4 months ago, I will backtrack and write about some of the interesting incidents and experiences I’ve had in the last few cities.  It will be based on my personal judgement and understanding at that point in time.  Comments and exchanges of ideas are always welcomed and who knows, you may become a part of my American experience!

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January 2011

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